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to self-discovery

“Yoga is the Journey of the self,

Through the self,

To the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita

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Samantha's Vision

Living a yogic lifestyle has given me better quality of life. From absolutely hating my existence to loving life fully, confidently, with intention, and with a sense of profound freedom. She is called to help others achieve the same through the power of yoga & Reiki.

About me

About Samanthas Journey

Growing up in a small town in Illinois, Samantha always knew she had a bigger purpose in life. Known for her warm, inviting & energetic smile; she took up waitressing at 16 and was passionate about making a difference in people’s lives by giving them a pleasurable dining experience. Only dabbling with yoga a miniscule number of times in her life, it was recommended by a coworker to try yoga to deal with the physical and mental strain that comes with the restaurant industry. 

Samantha started doing yoga at home with YouTube videos, specifically targeting her physical pain, and her current career. A spark lit up inside her and started noticing more than just pain reduction; including but not limited to; profound mindset shifts, better sleep quality, more energy, clarity, quieter mind, and a new sense of profound freedom. She started noticing the various mental illnesses she deeply struggled with since her early teens, diminishing before her eyes. When her inner world started to change, the world around her started to look and feel different. 



The increased self-love & joy that she discovered on the yogic path sent her on a new journey, a path to self-discovery, from living in fear – to living in freedom. Since 2019 Samantha started to really get an itch for traveling, especially solo. She had faced so many fears, of being alone, traveling alone & driving long distances. She now travels & road trips often around the US and soon – the world!

In November 2020 she got attuned to Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique. She was so excited to add this healing modality to her tool belt to help further her and others on their healing path. As the years went on, Samantha started to lose her spark & passion for waitressing and became increasingly unhappy with the way things were going.


Early Spring 2021 she took the next step forward & was SET on furthering her yogic passions & signed up to take a yoga teacher training! In September 2021, she started her 200-hour training at Rising Lotus Healing Center in Homer Glen, IL. She was blessed with an amazing program, learning how to live her yoga on & off her mat. She is so grateful for all of the amazing teachers she has studied with and the journey they took her through – Asanas, the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Anatomy, History & Philosophy, Pranayama & more!

Training brought a lot of emotions to the surface, to be healed and to be discovered. The journey has since opened up her eyes to a brand-new world full of abundance, peace, and opportunity. Samantha became attuned to Reiki at the 2nd level in November 2022 to level up her practice. Samantha has since graduated from YTT in February 2022 and is excited to enter this next chapter of her life, inching closer and closer to living the life of her dreams, & in turn helping others do the same.

When she is not teaching & practicing asana, you can find her at concerts& festivals, in nature, reading a good book, singing and dancing in her car, eating sushi, basking in the sun at the beach, hugging a tree, or just vibing with her close friends 😊


In Studio & online Services

In Studio Offerings

Teaching in Studio @ Evolve Yoga & Wellbeing Center - Orland Park / The Yoga Room @ Body Tech Total Fitness Mokena

Social Media Weekly LIVES

Join Me 7pm CST Tuesday - Facebook Full Restorative Class Thursday- Instagram Meditation

Special Events

Teaching Yoga @ Full Moon Michigan Fest - Aug 1th-14th Grateful Bear Campout - Aug 18-21st

Comming Soon: 3 Day Challenge

3 Days to a healthier and radiant you ! Comming soon from the comfort of your home <3

Comming Soon: Yoga Coaching

In today’s busy urban lifestyle yoga is a great way to get rid of stress and balance your inner perception.




~ Kind words from the community ~

"Lovely class. Samantha was very kind and the pacing for the class was great. She offered modifications when necessary. I was the only one in class and she made me feel very comfortable and did the class with me."
Maya D.
“My class with Samantha this morning was AMAZING, I left feeling serene and centered."
Michelle C.
"Samantha is the best!! If you are looking for that perfectly paced class, with awesome cues for different levels of ability and the most welcoming heart centered class, Samantha's Hatha Yoga is the ONE! Samantha is one of those super extra special teachers who has found her Divine Purpose and you feel like you are with a best friend taking her class! "
Cynthia M.
"I just had an amazing yoga experience. I am not exaggerating, that was the most relaxed I've felt in years. I had forgotten how important it was to ground yourself and just let everything go. Samantha did a wonderful job keeping me feeling comfortable and she helped me through the poses when I needed it. 10/10 would recommend!! Thanks again!"
Gracie Heinz
"Samantha’s Monday morning class was a perfect start to the week!"
Chelsey D.
"So grateful to be on the receiving end of your freedom inspired practice. You taught from your heart and your personality was shining throughout!"
Diane F.
"Samantha is great! I had some very deep spiritual awakenings during her class. That never happen before. I’m glad the Universe sent her to me."
Marian H.
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Get in touch

You are welcome to reach out to me about any questions about offerings & anything yoga! 

Phone: (815)483-6887

Monday-Friday : 9 am to 4 pm CT
Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm CT