Creating Your Spiritual Sanctuary


Creating Your Spiritual Sanctuary

     It is of the utmost importance that we create a special, sacred space for ourselves. A small, quiet space for YOU – for yoga, meditation, shadow work, and any other spiritual practices & rituals you partake in. This space is for YOU to shine, thrive, and vibe in your sacredness.

Pick the Location

    First, take a look around your hOMe. Maybe an extra room, half or a corner of your bedroom, family room (you might need to do some rearranging & clear some clutter to create the space). It does not have to be a huge space, as long as you have room for your yoga mat & an extra 2-3 feet on all sides, you are good to go!

Surround the space with sacred objects & free of clutter

      As I mentioned before, you may have to clear some clutter out of the way & rearrange your furniture to have the room for your sacred space; which that practice alone will have major energetic benefits for you and your home which I will be talking about in a future blog. You want your space to be aesthetically pleasing, surrounding yourself with loving objects and reminders that will keep you coming back for your practice. Things I love to have in my space are crystals, candles, plants, books, loving notes/ gifts I have received from loved ones, pictures, spiritual statues, cute trinkets. You want this space to keep you coming back for your practice time and time again. You don’t need a lot, whatever you already have around your home is enough; for everything you need you already have.

Cleanse / Renew Your Space Regularly

      When you create your space, I recommend cleansing frequently-as needed- to bring clear, and calming energy. Cleansing may include smudging with herbs like sage or incense – (Making sure the type of smudging herbs used is safe for your animal friends if using this method). Cleansing can also look like playing high-frequency music, Vedic chants/mantras, using a selenite stick, dancing, visualizing white light around your space, reiki; find the method(s) that calls to you!

Protect Your Energy

      Since this is your sacred space, it is important to protect your energy. You may be open to inviting your friends and loved ones to practice in your space with you. Be mindful of who you allow in, ensuring they have the highest intentions.

      All In all, it is such a loving practice to create a calm space, an environment for you to disconnect for a while, to rest, reflect, and recharge. A space that continuously reminds you to keep coming back time and time again for your daily practices, taking time just for YOU! Remember, when you take time to heal, the world around you begins to heal as well. 😊

Welcome hOMe 😊

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